The Educate Idaho Network


The Educate Idaho Network was formed to help Idaho increase the number of Idahoans who pursue college and career training after high school. The network brings together creative and passionate individuals with an interest in supporting youth on the path to College-or-Career. Partners include community leaders from business, education, state government, foundations, and nonprofits.

The Educate Idaho Network has built a statewide support system among organizations that have resources or programs either directly helping students reach college or helping to build a career focused culture in Idaho. Members actively promote education and career readiness as a pathway to success.


Building a statewide network in less than six months.


Conscious Strategy: Design of the framework and process for the network.

Spark! Facilitation: Facilitated community and partnership meetings.

Integrated Visioning: Community visioning sessions for each region.

Action Accelerator: Serving as the operational hub and project managers.


The statewide network was officially formed in June 2016 and exceeded the initial goal of engaging and activating two regions--ending up with four! Over 500 people representing 200 organizations were engaged in the planning and launch of the network.

The network focuses on promoting education and career readiness for success.