Catalysts for improving people, organizations and communities.


We help visionary leaders maximize their potential through executive coaching and leadership development. We focus on leveraging their strengths and creating actionable plans to improve their personal and professional lives. 

We help improve organizational culture by creating intentional and purposeful strategies. Our focus is to increase employee productivity and engagement to help companies maximize their impact and profitability --  from both a financial and human perspective.

We help build vibrant communities by leveraging business strategy to advance social good. Be it grassroots movements or mountaintop visions, we are helping create transformational change. Our focus goes deeper than public relations and community outreach. We work with leaders to maximize their existing expertise to address complex issues. Together we co-create strategic frameworks that produce positive community outcomes.

It all begins with human power — and we have lots of it. Fusing your ideas with our talent is where the magic happens. Together we activate organizational and social purpose.


Our framework

We maximize people and impact by helping clients secure their roles in improving organization and community conditions. Working side by side, we combine business acumen with social mindfulness. Then we design strategic solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges impeding business and community health.

We’re talking about more than employee engagement and corporate social responsibility; it’s about intentional impact.