Catalysts for improving people, organizations and communities.


Empowering Leaders to Maximize their Potential

We believe that effective community improvement begins with the individual working to make it happen. Leaders in the field of community betterment are often passionate individuals with zeal to help shape social solutions. But sometimes these leaders lose the vigor they started with.

The constant cycle of change within them, their organizations, and community might manifest uncertainty, fatigue, and a sense of confusion. So then how would these leaders be expected and able to effectively help communities?

We equip leaders with the clarity, skills, knowledge, resources and tools necessary to make lasting change in their lives and community.

Helping Leaders Improve Workplace Culture

Organizations and companies with a social purpose tied to their mission have added pressure to perform and create impact. That’s what makes culture so imperative. Anytime you have more than one person working together, there’s bound to be challenges around conflict, collaboration, and communication.

Culture must balance between organic allowance and intentionality. Once leaders are clear on their individual self, they better integrate into the work environment. There’s nothing more influential than a team of empowered people.  But if they lack direction and organizational understanding—they’re doomed to fail. We work with leaders by creating purpose, values, and strategies that align individual and organizational performance.

We increase employee collaboration, productivity, and engagement so companies maximize their impact and profitability.

Working with Leaders to Build Vibrant Communities

If collaboration within organizations is hard, imagine a group of people with an expectation to improve complex social challenges. Before a diverse collection of people and organizations can move forward with vigor, they must discover a shared purpose and set of values that drives their passion for change. Without this focus, it is too difficult to keep people moving in the same direction.

Once a shared purpose has been established, everyone involved can move forward with energy and direction.  They can bring together their talents, skills, and resources in ways that help meet their collective goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. For collaboration and partnerships to work, it’s important to shift the collective mindset from possibility to probability. To fulfill the potential of an initiative, participants must strive to look past previous experiences and current status. Instead they must, rally around what is possible to improve when everyone aligns their intentions, resources and focus.

We work with leaders to address complex issues to create a culture of health. We do this by co-creating strategic frameworks that produce positive community outcomes.


Our framework

We maximize people and impact by helping clients secure their roles in improving organization and community conditions. Working side by side, we combine business acumen with social mindfulness. Then we design strategic solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges impeding business and community health.

We’re talking about more than employee engagement and corporate social responsibility; it’s about intentional impact.